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Ad Global Co., Ltd. 艾德國際有限公司

Cycling Glasses

 ADHOC Sporty Life
In the digital era, where every person is using a computer, the time we spend on the internet is becoming longer and longer. Everyone has seen the students and office workers, that spend countless hours in front of a computer monitor. Life should not be like this. 
“Sporty Life” is a concept supported by ADHOC for a long time. We remain committed to the idea that every person on this planet should lead a healthy lifestyle – a sporty life!
Nature and Confidence
To pursue nature is the strongest belief of every athlete, the ADHOC brand follows the same idea. Through the design of our glasses we want to give this lifestyle component to our customers.
Apart from safety, ADHOC is also committed to aesthetics; ADHOC has the most perfect design and the most touching streaks. ADHOC stands for personality and urban sports fashion.
Speed and Protection
To let ADHOC customers enjoy speed and pleasure, while at the same time being safe, ADHOC has its own special protection technology. ADHOC ensures the safety of its customers while they are pursuing their goals in sports, and lets them feel safe and comfortable.
No matter if its racing, snow sports, combat, climbing, track and field etc, ADHOC remains committed to offer you all around protection and makes sure that while you are on your adventure, you can rely on the safety of ADHOC products.
Enjoy the extreme feeling of adventure sports with ADHOC sports glasses.
Now and in the future ADHOC is committed to uphold the spirit of a sporty life, R&D and innovation. ADHOC is not only a leader in European and American markets, but also on the entire world market for sports glasses.
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